Audio Visual and Presentation Equipment

The West Dallas Multimedia Center (WDMC) is pleased to make AV equipment available to community partners for use on campus.  At the Center, the conference rooms, Activity Room(s), Atrium, Teaching and Demonstration Kitchen, Training Room and the Technology Center are equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment, including a microphone and camera. The equipment is set up and configured for partners to connect their laptop computers to the AV equipment to present to participants in the room or to host a virtual meeting.  The WDMC also has a podium and complete sound system available for partners to use during events or programs.  

AV Equipment Pouches

Check out and in the media pouches at the front desk/ security.

Each room on campus with AV equipment has a designated blue pouch containing remotes, connection cables, and other accessories relevant to the space being used.    Partners are responsible for the contents of the media pouch while it is in his/her possession.  Please not leave the media bag unattended during use.

At the end the meeting, event, or program please check in/return the media pouch at the front desk/security.  Please make us aware of any broken or missing equipment, as well as any difficulty making use of the media.  

Setup Recommendations

  • Download your presentation to your laptop.
  • Arrive 15-30 minutes before your meeting to setup AV.
  • After checking out your media pouch, make sure the Smart TV remote and HDMI cord or cable are in the media pouch.
  • Always have extra copies of your presentation for attendees.

Connecting to AV equipment by room


The City of Dallas recognizes that having access to the internet is critical to building a more inclusive, equitable, and resilient community.  All visitors and community members can connect to the internet by locating and connecting to “DalSurf”.  This is an unsecured network, and no password is required.



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