Ashley Hutto (Center Manager)

“The leading lady”

  • Manages the WDMC campus.
  • Coordinates the scheduling of meeting rooms and events on campus.
  • Works with community members and other stakeholders to identify necessary programs and services.
  • Oversees administrative aspects of programs and services offered on the WDMC campus.

She is passionate about producing and distributing healthy foods for the West Dallas community that fuel the body. WDMC currently provides free garden boxes for community members to tend and harvest on campus. In February of 2023, an orchard was planted on the WDMC campus.

Featured in D Magazine for Achievement in Wellness programs (December 2017)

Juan Ramon (Facilities & Community Service Supervisor)

“The man in charge”

  • Supervises and coordinates the day-to-day maintenance and support of buildings, grounds, and facilities systems. 
  • Oversees and coordinates the WDMC community service workers.


Idolina Erebia (Admin)

“All things admin”

  • Greets visitors and community members.
  • Assists with scheduling reservations.
  • Updates the marquee and the bulletin board.
  • Provides clerical assistance.


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